New 10-Digit Long Code Requirements Are Coming — Learn More

Q: What are the advantages of your SMS service?

A: Single and Bulk Messaging, Grouping Functionality, Low cost Per Message, Fee Zero up front cost Fast Delivery.

Q: Is there a limit to how many numbers I can send at one time?

A: You should try and limit the number of destination addresses to approximately 10000 for good performance but there is no limit.

Q: How can I make a payment for SMS credit?

A: You can make a payment by using a credit/Debit card, Cheque/DD deposit, UPI and through Fund transfer.

Q: I forgot my password. How do I retrieve it?

A: You can retrieve your password by visiting our website’s Forget password option. It’s available in Login page.

Q: How do I manage my contacts/phonebook?

A: You can manage your contacts by adding contacts one by one or by uploading your contacts File.

Q: How I find my sender id?

A: You can see your sender id after panel login. You can request new sender id for approval

Q: Why our messages are not delivering?

A: You can check the reason in reports after login to bulk SMS panel & in case of any error code you can connect with our support team.

Q: What is a short code service?

A: Short code service is two ways communication method.

Q: What is the advantage of short code services?

A: You can receive messages form your customer too.

Q: Maximum character length of sender id?

A: As per TRAI regulation maximum sender id length is 6 characters.

Q: Where our short code message will be delivered?

A: Your short code message will be delivered on your email id or web panel.

Q: Maximum length of short code auto responder?

A: Maximum length of short code auto responder is 160 characters.

Q: What is developer API?

A: A developer API is a authentication method used for communicating server to server and its used for integration in your software application or website for trigger events.

Q: How long does it take before credits bought are added to my account?

A: If you made the payment through credit card, fund transfer, UPI we update your account within 24hours as it need to setup your account. If you have paid for SMS recharge or top-up for any of the bulk SMS plan you selected then it will get added to your account within 1 working day subject to after we have received payment for the same.

Q: What is a Sender ID or header id?

A:The recipients receive messages with a title (or Header) and content. The title looks like AP-032333(for promotional) or LM-MSGTIGER. This is called as Sender ID.

Q: What all location can deliver the SMS?

A: We deliver the Messages to all the location operators’ service provider across the nation India.

Q: What is 2 Way messaging?

A: Through two ways messaging you can send and receive messages.

Q: What is DND?

A: Mobile numbers which is registered with NDNC registry called DND numbers.

Q. How do I confirm the message delivery?

A: You can view and download detailed message delivery reports from MSGTiger panel.

Q: What is a text length of single message?

A: The text limit for a single SMS message is 160 characters.

Q: What is a validity of SMS package?

A: Every SMS package comes with 1 year validity.

Q: Can we send SMS in other language?

A: Yes you can send SMS in other language like Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, and Bengali etc called Unicode SMS. You need to select Unicode option.

Q: Can we send long SMS more than 160 character limits?

A: Yes you can send SMS more than 160 characters accordingly SMS count will be visible before sending SMS.

Q: Is there any reseller option?

A: Yes we provide reseller option. Just drop an email to for reseller panel.

Q: What is wallet credits balance?

A: In wallet credits balance, we will add your paid amount on SMS portal and the SMS balance will deduct as per SMS rate as applicable

Q: Can I send personalized SMS to my contacts through PC?

A: Yes you can send personalized SMS through excel upload option.

Q: What is promotional SMS?

A: Send promotional/informative messages to contacts. You have to send from DLT approved header and message will not be delivered to DND numbers

Q: What is transactional SMS?

A: Send only informative messages to known contacts like employees, students, school customers, members, etc.

Q: Which file formats are supported to upload numbers to send Bulk SMS?

A: Upload a .txt (Notepad), .xls (MS Excel), or .csv (Character Separated Values) file.

Q: Is country code (91) required in contact list?

A: Yes you need to add 91 in your contact list.

Q: Can we send schedule SMS?

A: Yes you can send schedule SMS as per your prefer date and time.

Q: For how long my sent SMS reports are available to view or download?

A: Sent SMS reports are available for 60-90 days & later they are automatically deleted.